Flipsides (Kong Tiki Records 2012)



Don is a Chicago bred Midwestern boy. Got his first guitar at eight and quietly proceeded. He honed his song writing skills on a New England farm, paying close attention to the goings on in New York and the world as well as the calm of the fields. Don has a deep and unique perspective that never pretends to know for certain but tries to actually understand and question the way things are. His song writing is layered with double entendre and delightful melodies. A surprise at every turn that gets better each time you listen.

As this is typed, a few of us sneak behind the scenes to put the requisite bio together for Don, as he is not much for talking about himself or his music. "It's all in the songs" he says. So we'll be brief out of respect for that concept, although it is nice to have some context as you listen to this incredible combination of old and new sounds and thoughtful lyrics from a guy with an enormous soul.

We all try to understand this quiet person and how he can step up on stage to sing and play with such ease. Perhaps it's because his poetry and his songwriting are so genuinely tied to the past he knows and the human condition we all try to understand.

Don is surrounded by a seasoned band and production team and by those that support him as fans. Thanks for taking interest in his music. Enjoy!