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Alarm Award winners and Norwegian Grammy nominees Moving Oos release their eagerly awaited second album titled "....and Understanding" on October 6, 2008. You can expect to be rocked with the same level of intensity and raw power, as the songs promise to follow up where Peace & Love left off, but be prepared for several surprises. These will be revealed on release day, unless you want to jump the gun by hearing one new song every day as a sneak preview on The band embark on a Norwegian tour in October following the albums release.


In February of 2007 Moving Oos released their debut album, "Peace & Love" to a cascade of curiously dramatic and superior praise. It seems the music scene was poised and ready for a band like Moving Oos, as fans and media opened their arms to this vagabond gang of highly gifted rock'n'rollers who set out to make a record that would bring together the essentials of rock - sleazy riffs, bluesy vocals, soulful harmonies and just plain great tunes. The obligatory comparisons read like a rock hall of fame: The Faces, MC5, Bad Company, Deep Purple, Humble Pie. "Anyone who's heard Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones or the Black Crowes or AC/DC - everybody - will know what's coming in this music minutes before it actually happens, making Peace & Love a brain-teaser of a good record. This is less homage than pretty close to the real thing, right place/wrong time maybe, but right songs.... what makes Peace & Love more than late night drunken escapism is something perhaps old-fashioned or unfashionable, but it has to do with everyone in the band knowing how to sing, how to play their instruments, everyone knowing the exact moment on "Romancer" to get out of the way and let the two women deliver the second chorus by themselves, a shivery and sharp moment of clarity that says, just maybe, these guys know what they're about "- Pitchfork, April 2007.

"Eight crazy Norwegians on a 70's rock trip....for those who like Free, Humble Pie, Small Faces and The Who will jump around like crazy...the Moving Oos know what they are doing and are a master of their trade..." Visions Magazine (Germany) April 2007.

"Party-rock for a new generation ! A perfect retro-sound dominated by soul-like choruses and fat guitars" - (Germany).

Peace & Love was recorded and mixed in good old-fashioned analog by Kai Andersen at Athletic Sounds in Halden, Norway, and spawned two huge radio hits in Norway: "Romancer" which nearly broke the record for longest residency at the top of Radio P3's A-list, and the follow up single "Minister of Love". The album was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy (known as Spellemansprisen) for "Best Rock Album" 2007, and won the coveted Alarm Award for "Best New Artist".

Moving Oos started as a collaboration project between some of Trondheim's most accomplished musicians in 2005. They quickly became favorites on the live club circuit in Norway, and were invited to play major festivals within a year. Their performance at the 2007 By:Larm (Norway's answer to SXSW) was described as "An explosive soul-party from one of the best live acts, if not the best, the definitely the most fun"-Adresseavisa, The band is fronted by the fresh new vocal talent Frankie Castello, backed by the beautiful harmonizing soul sisters Norma Lee and Lynn Gordon, the power house rhythms of bass player Roger Houston and drummer Sony Cute, percussionist Tony Cabaza, "keys-wizard" Leslie Hammond and the guitars of songwriter Jimmy Kruder.

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