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Death To Perfection
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The Experiment
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The band exploded onto the music scene in 2000. The lineup consists of Tommy, Thomas, Marius, Jørgen and Torbjørn. TORCH is loud and abrasive, yet melodic and vulnerable ˆ they describe their music as the new emotional hardcore. "We've always felt like outsiders, so we just sat in our own little category and did what we believe in!" explains lead singer Marius.

After recording their first EP, the band embarked on an extensive tour of Great Britain that earned them an instant English fanbase ! Harder, fresher and more aggressive - TORCH are becoming the salvation for the many musically
starved. With their unique sound - fusing metal/hardcore with killer hooks and melodic choruses.

TORCH are best defined as a finely tuned sports car: fast and furious yet dirty and reeking of burnt high octane gasoline. It's easy to get hooked on their powerful riffs and energetic beats. Their live performances have already made them favorites amongst rock fans and most of their shows are sold out.

Torch signed to Norwegian label Kong Tiki Records in October of 2005, and the band is currently in the studio finishing their debut album, due out in early 2006. for further details check out the bands website

Since their triumphant opening at the Quart Festival, Torch have been criss-crossing the land playing Summer Festivals on the path to domination. After opening for bands like Opeth and Tool they are now a powerful and well-oiled machine - a force to reckon with - and are psyched up to play to their fans in their home towns. So log to and check out the tour schedule - be sure to catch them on the road!  The band was recently featured on a Music Norway Export Cd compilation that represents the latest and best bands out of Norway.

The new video for "K-Bomb' is awesome and is getting lots of attention on Youtube,  and can also be viewed here.