White Lord Jesus
Back in Mary's Room
from the album "Amen"

White Lord Jesus
White Lord Jesus

Song for a Dark Girl
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White Lord Jesus was originally formed in Oslo by Tristan Christ (Arvid Skancke-Knutsen) and Tognazzi (Thomas Robsahm) in the autumn of 1983. They had just left their bands Dynamo Forte (from Risør) and Brød & Sirkus (from Arendal).

White Lord Jesus became a part of the ”cassette movement” which started in Norway at the beginning of the eighties. In 1984 White Lord Jesus made their live-debut and released the cassette Amen, which was very well received, and now seen as one of the best cassettes from the era.

In 1985 the band split.

After years of talk about releasing Amen on CD, Tristan and Tognazzi finally got their act togheter and started work on this in 2004. The songs were not only transfered digitally and remixed, most songs did go through extensive re-recording and additional production and two new songs were recorded, including the radio-single and video Back In Mary´s Room.

WLJ made a secret reunion gig at Kampen Bistro in May 2005, but the real comeback was at Mono on November 14th – the releaseparty for the debut-CD ”White Lord Jesus” on Kong Tiki Records/Playground.

White Lord Jesus is back.